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Colorado Trial Lawyers Care (CTLC) allows CTLA members to bring together resources to help those in need.  Whether the situation is a natural disaster such as flooding, victims of crime, the need for legal assistance or other hardships, CTLC can take action and quickly provide support.

CTLC started with a $10,000 bequest from the estate of CTLA Past President Dan Patterson.

As a team, we can continue to make a difference for those who face difficult challenges in our communities.

Download a donation form and mail it to:  Colorado Trial Lawyers Care, 303 E 17th Ave, Ste 320, Denver, CO 80203

CTLC is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your contribution is fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution. No benefit was bestowed upon this donor in exchange for this contribution…other than the satisfaction of joining with the trial lawyer family to help those in need.