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With our donors’ generous contributions to EAGLE, CTLA continues to have a strong presence in the Capitol and in the passage of bills that preserve the civil justice system. We could not do it without our EAGLE donors, as donations serve as the sole source of revenue for all advocacy efforts by allowing us to have a robust lobbying program, build legislative and electoral coalitions, educate lawmakers on issues important to you and your clients, and expands our communications program. EAGLE commitments provide the tools to promote lasting legislative reforms to protect injured victims, defend against harmful bills, preserve the safety of Colorado consumers, and ensure the continued success of our member’s practice for years to come.

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7th Amendment Advocates

The 7th Amendment Advocates are a group of conscientious and esteemed attorney members who are tasked with securing civil justice-minded lawmakers into the Colorado General Assembly. Through donation-based fund allocation, the Advocates solely pay for CTLA’s political contributions to campaigns. The Advocates, through a long process of research and deliberation, ultimately decide where and whom political money is allotted to, assisting in election wins of lawmakers who will support civil justice causes. Without their election expertise, the likelihood of pro-jury trial politicians decreases, and we are faced with legislators who may not understand the significance of allowing a jury trial of peers to determine proper damages.

To guarantee consumer-friendly legislators hold and maintain an office, the 7th Amendment Advocates must elicit donations from the membership that will be directly tied to political gain.

Why is it important to give to EAGLE & the 7th Amendment Advocates?

EAGLE and the 7th Amendment Advocates operate hand in hand to ensure good policy outcomes for our members, their clients, and all Coloradoans. The two programs work in a circular motion: the 7th Amendment Advocates use donations to get civil-justice friendly legislators elected to office. Then, our EAGLE program funds all efforts to get good laws passed, including those in conjunction with the lawmakers who were voted into the legislature with assistance from our Advocates. As we continue to have successful legislative sessions and pass necessary legislation, we must continue to support those who champion our issues and elect more people to help them get the job done.