About Us

The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association is the largest specialty bar association in Colorado.  With more than 1,300 members across the state practicing a broad spectrum of civil law, we are united by the shared vision that everyone deserves justice and that no one is above the law.

Since 1953, CTLA has worked to ensure that our members have the best resources and strategies to advocate for their clients from the courtroom to the Capitol.

  • Our listserve and networking opportunities provide members with access to the full power of our members’ collective wisdom and experience.
  • Our robust advocacy and political programs build legislative and electoral coalitions, educate lawmakers on issues, and expands our public relations efforts.
  • Our continuing legal education seminars are tailored to civil plaintiffs’ attorneys and keep pace with the ever-changing legal environment.

For decades, big insurance, negligent corporations and government agencies have sought to rig our civil justice system to help big corporations and insurance companies avoid responsibility. CTLA members work tirelessly to ensure that wrongdoers are held accountable and injured Coloradans have access to a fair civil justice system.

Each year, through the Case of the Year Award, CTLA acknowledges the positive impact that a single case can have on correcting injustices, advancing fairness under the law, changing attitudes, or providing economic incentives to protect public safety.  This year, the award-winning case involved a mother and daughter who developed toxic brain injuries from living above an illegal meth lab. Their apartment complex negligently dismissed their complaints for years. 

 Learn more about the case and how the trial attorneys found justice for these victims by watching the video below.

Our Mission

Protecting people and righting wrongs
through fair laws, innovative legal education,
and inclusive professional community.


2023 – 2024 Officers

Kari Dulin Jones headshot

Kari Jones Dulin


Sam Cannon headshot

Sam Cannon


Jason Wesoky headshot

Jason Wesoky

Vice President

Megan Matthews New Headshot

Megan Matthews


Nicole Quintana


lawyer headshot

Thomas Neville

Immediate Past-President

Executive Committee

  • Kari Jones Dulin, President
  • Sam Cannon, President-elect
  • Jason Wesoky, Vice President
  • Megan Matthews, Secretary
  •  Nicole Quintana, Treasurer
  • Thomas Neville, Immediate Past President
  • Alana Anzalone
  • Kevin Cheney
  • Amanda Francis Owen
  • Molly Greenblatt
  • Michael Kane
  • Ben Lebsack
  • Bradley Levin
  • Ed Lomena
  • Sommer Luther
  • Susan Minamizono
  • Jim Puga
  • Will Coyne, non-voting member
  • Adam Eichberg, non-voting member
  • Aly Schmidt, non-voting member
  • Amber Burkhart, non-voting member
  • Nick Jurjovec, non-voting member
  • Julie Whitacre, non-voting member



  • Alana Anzalone
  • Dustin Bergman
  • Jacob Burg
  • Kevin Cheney
  • Anne Dieruf
  • Keith Fuicelli
  • Melissa Hailey
  • Marc Harden
  • Ben Lebsack
  • Robyn Levin
  • Alessandra Morales
  • Kaitlin Nares
  • Mari Newman
  • Jennifer O’Connell
  • Lorraine Parker
  • Claire Poundstone
  • Allison Pritchard
  • James Puga
  • Amy Rogers
  • Tom Tomazin
  • Zach Warzel
  • David Woodruff
  • Kurt Zaner


  • William Babich
  • J. Kyle Bachus
  • Danielle Beem
  • Karen Blau
  • Nelson Boyle
  • Morgan Carroll
  • Amanda Francis Owen
  • Gregory Gold
  • K.C. Harpring
  • Alyssa Hill
  • Edward Hopkins
  • Spencer Kontnik
  • Edward Lomena
  • J.C. (Pit) Martin
  • Jennifer Milne
  • Haley Rank
  • Ben Rose
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Melanie Sulkin
  • Julia Thompson
  • Stephanie Tucker
  • Lauren Varner
  • Stephen Wahlberg


  • AAJ Board of Governors:

  • AAJ State Delegates:

  • AAJ Revitalization Governor:

  • Amanda Francis Owen (elected by members)

  • Kari Jones Dulin

  • Sarah McEahern

  • Dan Lipman (elected by members)

  • Thomas Neville

  • AAJ Minority Caucus Delegate:

  • Kurt Zaner (appointed by AAJ)
  • Michael Nimmo